Sunday, January 06, 2008

A relaxing weekend

Man, it has been MONTHS since I've been able to say that. Yesterday, I spent $9 at the Goodwill and got three tops and picked up pants that have been at the drycleaner for 2 months and went to the heinous Kroger, all before going to Turbo Kick at the gym. Where my instructor is going to Mexico, to Isla Mujeres for a vacation. Aaaahhh.

Then I went and got Amy and we ate at Rev. Chico's. Can not recommend. The burrito was pretty much like the one you get at Qdoba on Main St. I had a Cuervo marg and it had a funny, smoky taste, but was not all mixer sweet like some I had in Mexico. But for the price, I say nix. You have to specify all ingredients of your order on a slip of paper. Amy had a pork panini that was passable. Came with fried plantains which were over-breaded with corn meal. The atmosphere was nice though, felt comfy even amongst all the exposed brick on the walls. The same guy did that interior that did my kitchen.

Then we went to Home Depot and Big Lots, where I got a grill cover so I can put my grill on the patio and GET MY CAR IN THE GARAGE. I never thought it would work but Amy came over and traffic-controlled me in.

Friday night, I poached a piece of salmon and made linguini with olive oil and fresh basil and roasted grape tomatoes and sauteed portabellas and green onion and garlic, of course. Tonight, I made some salmon spread to have on this delicious rosemary bread I got at Churchill's with some nice soup. I see I have whacked my thumb lightly with one of those new knives my boy got me for Christmas. That includes this cool sushi knife.

Also I got my bird feeder hung up and raked the back yard and put hardware cloth (as they are calling chicken wire these days) around those 2 bushes in the far back because already they are showing signs of having been munched on.

And I did a radio show today for the Melkotes. Yesterday, I watched Citizen Kane which I had never seen and Living in Oblivion, a movie with Steve Buscemi that was goofy but amusing. Also have Mean Streets which I have not seen in years, if at all. Another one of those situations where you know all the pop culture about it, as my daughter says, but never really saw it.

Am WAY behind on New Yorkers, have like 6 by the bed. I won't have this problem THIS Christmas as I will be saving them to take to the beach.

Listening to I Enjoy Being a Girl on WBGU. FM. 88 1. Bowling Green Ohio.

Tuesday I have a haircut and a radio meeting. Wednesday is GNO. May have to pass. Have to start going to the 6 p.m. Turbo Kick on Wednesdays this week.

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